Fun, loving, loyal and wonderfully unpredictable, that’s our pets and why we adore them so much that they are part of our family.


My pet photography can be for you and your pet and concentrate on the special bond you have. Or I can just focus on your pet and capture their unique personality and traits that make you love them more, if that’s possible.

Whether your pet is young or in their senior years our session will be suited to you and your buddy.  I am an animal lover; I have a young and feisty cat called Stellar and a rather old and at times dopey Vizsla called Brandy, she will be 15 this year! I still see Brandy as a bouncy pup as the twinkle in her eyes is always there and all her quirks are still in full force, she’s just a little slower.

Throughout the session I will document the little moments that take up so much room in your heart, I will capture the things you love most about your best friend. 

This shoot should happen naturally and not feel stressed, I want to see wagging tails, wide toothy grins and bright eyes as you look on with pride. This shoot will be just as much fun for your pet as it is for you, so much so that they will be nagging you for a modelling contract!

TIP: Remember to bring wipes in case you have a dribbler, poop bags and treats.

A pet portrait photoshoot could be the perfect gift for a loving pet owner! Give them an experience to remember and cherish. This is a fun outdoor session for your cat or dog, with the exception of house cats which I can capture indoors.

Have a look at my Blog about tips for indoor cat photography.

New to Cindy Zdunek Photography – Equine Photography.

I am delighted to be able to offer my Equine Photoshoots that focus mainly on the fantastic bond between horse and rider. My experience as a portrait photographer comes in use here and my love of animals but this is a team effort! No one knows your horse as well as you and I will need your help to guide your horse in to the right positions – or near enough! The shoot will be stress free and fun, and it will be a wonderful experience and memory for you to cherish. My shoots are always outdoors using natural light, this familiarity will also help to make your horse feel more at ease. Take a look at my Blog about Equine Photography.

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“Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That’s the problem.”  A. A Milne

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Professional Portraits

Find out more about portrait shoots with Cindy Zdunek

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