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Child & Teenager

Watching your child grow is a magical and emotional experience that holds some of the sweetest memories. Your children are the most important part of your life, ever evolving and before you know it, they are all grown up. This bespoke session will capture the moments that matter and provide you with a lasting, happy reminder of their childhood.

As your child grows their character also develops, they have passions, hobbies and interests that define their teenage years. These pictures will also offer your teen a keepsake to remember their adolescence fondly.

Now… not all children are thrilled with the idea of being photographed and the thought can be daunting to them, but don’t worry we can discuss ways together to help your child feel more at ease.

I have enjoyed working as a teaching assistant and I have 3 children of my own, giving me valuable experience in creating a comfortable environment for children to be themselves. Over the years I have encountered a wide range of personalities and moods, I am ready with oodles of patience and a sense of humor, we will all soon be relaxed and having great fun.

Collaboration is the key, no matter what age your child is, discuss the shoot and find out if there is something in particular they want captured. By including them they will feel more connected to the session. Perhaps they want a picture with their favourite toy, outfit or an older child may want a shot to share on social media or with their friends. I’ll do my best where possible to incorporate this in to the session.

This shoot is also great for prom, ceremonies and special occasions when your child or teenager is all dressed up and you want to mark the occasion.

In addition to your beautiful photographs, I will also give you some of the bloopers at no extra charge, these are some of the shots of your child pulling a silly face or even throwing a mini tantrum. These shots I think mean just as much as they are also part of your child’s character, granted they may not be the ones you frame but you can all have a giggle later, you never know there might be a hidden gem amongst them!

Together we will to create pictures that both you and your child will love for a lifetime.

“A little magic can go a long way” Roald Dahl

Child & Teenager Gallery

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