I have done a collection of mini garden photoshoots (social distancing of course) to raise money for Mind UK, a magnificent charity that means a lot to my family and I’m sure to many of you, especial now during these times of uncertainty.

This is what I discovered

People are finding solace and comfort in their gardens and family bonds have been strengthened. With all this extra time at home people’s gardens are looking spectacular! even with limited resources to hand, tending to the garden has been a welcome distraction. Gardens, window boxes and plant pots have all been given some extra tlc.


As I spoke to people a common theme of growing more vegetables was evident, reminding me of the wartime message of “Dig for Victory” and certainly now people are growing for Britain. I made notes of what people were growing and I can tell you it was vast, incredible varieties of fruit and vegetables that I won’t even attempt to spell, not to mention herbs with their therapeutic smells wafting in the breeze. Top of the list was Courgettes, a tasty and versatile vegetable but I’m not sure why so much attention, any ideas?

Also, lots of DIY being undertaken, mostly successful! People have been making use of what they can get their hands on and the results have been brilliant. I have found out what people like most about their gardens and chatted about future projects, all positive vibes and really encouraging.


I wanted to capture the smiling faces behind the closed front doors and how we have been finding our own ways to get through this unsettling time. With the help of modern technology, love and luckily good weather the majority of us are doing just fine. Everyone is growing, renewing and improving and I think this extends beyond garden fences and into the current situation now.

However, there are so many people finding this lockdown a real challenge, we hear the most heart-breaking stories every day of people struggling with their mental health and this is where charities like Mind UK step up and offer much needed support.

I want to thank my brave subjects for allowing me to capture a piece of their history for them and for making a kind and generous donation to Mind UK, we raised £300!


And locally https://westkentmind.org.uk/give-time/give-money