So I mentioned in my About Me page that I am practicing my street photography skills, this is an area of photography that takes me well out of my comfort zone. The fear of asking someone and them saying no, or even saying yes and then having to take a shot quickly with them not changing their stance or look; the very reason that attracted you in the first place, basically missing the moment. Also, from when they allow you to take the shot, you’re on the clock, they haven’t got all day to wait around for me to faff about with camera settings etc.

Street photography is an exhilarating experience!

After a couple of attempts, I have come to the conclusion that anticipation and instinct are a key factor in street photography, that and a lot of walking and hanging around. If you visit the same spots frequently you know the usual people that are around, their habits and then you just wait for that magic moment. I hit the shutter frequently, sometimes not knowing exactly what I’ve captured, but having an inkling that one or two on them will be the money shot. The streets are so familiar that timing is everything in terms of capturing something out of the ordinary, it’s that random moment that takes the same street you walk down daily to something memorable.

I’m hoping to take a trip to London and take some pictures, I’ll post the images on my blog.

 Taking a great picture is less about technical knowhow and much more about mastering the most valuable piece of kit you have – your eyes.

 Here are some photos from my first attempt, all images were taken in Tonbridge, Kent.

I spotted this lady (above) and her husband on the bench together, frozen like statues just staring ahead at nothing. I nervously walked over, stomach churning and asked them if I could take the photo, the husband said no sharply, she however chuckled and moved aside from him and said “take my picture” suddenly she became animated and cheeky which was not the intended shot, but I think I love seeing her spirit more.

This lady was in no hurry, which is so nice to see when we live our lives at such fast pace (other food shops are available!)