A quick word from me, every so often I will use one of my blogs to introduce you to who else I admire in photography or creative industries. Today its Severien Vits, a friend and fellow photographer, although in a different photographic area, we share a common love for good food.

 Food photography in Kent

 Kent is an amazing place to live as a food photographer.  There is so much fantastic produce on our doorstep, cared for and created by amazingly skilled people. Through my photography I discovered many beautiful places close to home, all with their own interesting stories: orchards, livestock farms, dairy farms, cobnut plaits, vegetable growers, soft fruit farms, cafes, pubs, restaurants, amazing independent chefs, stall holders at the farmers markets, all working on their produce with all their heart and effort. There is so much to be found and to be photographed!


To me food photography is about reflecting the passion that has gone into the creation of food products into images on screen and in print.  It is especially brilliant to do so with the creator right there with me. They inspire me with their knowledge and passion and if my images bring out the most of their products, that makes them really proud and keen to share their products with all who wants to look and listen to their story.

 I didn’t start photographing other people’s produce and dishes, I started by photographing my own creations for my foodblog for healthy food for kids (https://morethanjustcarrots.com). Because I am not a chef, nor a food stylist nor a very good gardener, my subjects weren’t nearly as perfect as the ones I come across now, but I was – and still am – passionate about them. I was absolutely passionate about creating delicious healthy food for my children and I was passionate about learning them to enjoy it just as much as I do.!

 I like to illustrate the whole story of a dish or a food product by going back to where it was first sown, grown and looked after. Who is it that has put all the love and work into it? Where did it all happen? That is why I regularly make portraits of the food heroes themselves as well: farmers, chefs, bakers,… That is where Cindy and I found common ground because she is the people person, vey much specialised in portraits.

 Cindy is amazing at making someone feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera, it is her constant wide and infectious smile that does it I think. That and her knowledge about posing, she seems to find just the right angles to photograph from to make us look our best! When we did a session together, for just this tiny moment, I thought I missed a career as a model and surely that has never happened, ever! That is what she can do, I am telling you! It was great fun.

 Severien Vits