Why I like the Engagement photo session?


The best wedding photos are not the ones that focus on expensive clothes or the venue but that of the joyful hearts of the people within them.

Engagement shoots are a celebration of the journey you both took to get to this point and that must not be forgotten, it’s the foundation of your love. It’s hard to describe in words the chemistry between two people, but it will be clear to see in the beautiful photos you will have from this session.

Now, would you comfortably show a lot of PDA in front of a stranger? Of course not, but on the big day that’s what’s expected of you. You have a great deal on your mind before the wedding and you might be feeling tense and overwhelmed, you may not have had an opportunity to simply enjoy each other’s company. These feelings can contribute to awkward looking photos and we certainly don’t want that.
Most couples have not had a lot of experience in front of a camera and its perfectly natural to feel self-conscious. Think of this session as a fun wedding boot camp, and have the knowledge that if you need help, or advice, I’ll be right there for you, no matter what. During the shoot I will guide you with positioning and give you tips to help you relax. I want you both to be yourselves knowing that I am not judging you. Like a good friend, I am on your side.

Before you know it, you’ll forget the camera and simply have fun and this is when the magic happens, when you’re just a couple of love birds without a care in the world. A wonderful photo is about being able to let go and enjoy the hear and now, this memory you are making is very special so embrace it and each other!

Why do my Engagement sessions work so well?  It’s just you and me.  There is no one else around to distract us. It’s a session dedicated to capturing wonderful photos of you and banishing any pre wedding nerves.

Also, I’m a true romantic and I can’t wait to hear about your love story and give you breathtaking photos to remind you of it forever.