14 Cat Photography Tips!

I have never really been a cat person, that is until Stellar. Our family includes our wonderful dog Brandy, a Vizsla we welcomed into our family 14 years ago, she was our wedding present. Brandy is loyal, always gentle, selfless, the list is endless as to how wonderful she is. She has put up with 3 young boys and two years ago a new addition to the family, Stellar a feisty but affectionate Russian Blue cat.

Stellar strutted into our lives when our eldest son wanted a cat for his 10th birthday, and I fell in love with her instantly. Yes, she is “officially” my sons’ cat but Stellar and I know the truth, that in a house full of boys us felines need to stick together.

Only issue is I literally can’t stop taking photos of Stellar! And in doing so I have learned a few tips about indoor cat photography that I shall pass on to you.

1: Be ready: cats are unpredictable so make sure your phone or camera is charged, it would be a shame to miss a unique and wonderful moment due to lack of battery or storage.

2: Be patient: Some cats are scared of cameras and others, love the attention. Just persevere and try not to invade their space so that they feel relaxed, at ease and immerse themselves in their own business.

3: Habits and routines, stalk out when your cat sleeps and their special spots. If you are ready with your camera you can catch a yawn or a stretch or even a roll on to the back. Knowing also means you can prep the spot beforehand, by plumping cushions, placing objects like plants in the background and choosing your colour scheme with throws etc.

4: Quietly does it: make sure you are on silent shooting mode. Sounds, in addition to the camera flash, may startle your pet and spoil your cat photography.

5: Shooting mode: I use a continuous shooting and take a series of shots, this way I can pick the best one later.

6: Try different styles of photography: Macro is shooting from a very close distance, from which you can capture details that are indistinguishable to the human eye. Macro photos of your cat will help you notice new and surprising features of your cat.

7: TOP TIP: ensure their eyes are always sharp and in focus, eyes are always very expressive, so their being sharp is important – this is one of the most important cat portrait photography tips. Cats eyes are magnificent and it’s the most commented feature on my cat Stellar.

8: Try different focal lengths, play with your zoom and find different perspectives.

9: The element of surprise, be unpredictable and sometimes sneaking upon kitty can make for some very funny shots!

10: Texture: look at their paws and their fur and capture the texture of it.

11: Light: bright photos are the best; they are clearer and colour is much brighter. Cats like warmth and are great fans of lounging on a window sill and basking in the heat. This is my favourite place to capture Stellar. You have everything you need to create the perfect shot, great lighting, beautiful reflections and a thoroughly relaxed kitty. In this spot, try out some close-up shots as their eyes sparkle and their features are highlighted.

12: Be creative, some people like accessorising their cat with fancy collars, others like high end bowls and baskets, whatever you’re into have fun.

13: Try a cat selfie, I think these are great but it may take a few shots.

14: Have fun and make sure kitty does too, the odd treat goes a long way!

Check out Stellars Instagram page for some inspiration